“Raider” McAllister

Captain of the Ospray


Raider McAllister is slender, well-muscled, and carries his years with an air of quiet confidence. His black hair, shot with gray, is pulled back in a short tail, and he sports a well-trimmed beard that is mostly gray. His penetrating blue eyes are framed in a weathered face that testifies to his lifetime at sea. He moves with a rolling gait gained from his years on a pitching ship’s deck.

Raider appears well dressed and neatly groomed at all times. He favors a royal blue doublet with matching trousers, a white shirt with puffed and slashed sleeves, blackjack boots, and a hooded gray cloak. His cutlass or a long sword with matching dagger always rides at his hip, in an elaborate harness. He also wears a large gold ring set with a sapphire on his right hand and a matching sapphire earring in his left ear.


“Raider” McAllister

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