Salt Spray Street (#227)

Once an unmarked, nondescript hole in a wall (literally) whose patrons just had to know how to find it, today the Sailor’s Rest is the nicest place to get a drink and relax in the Docks. It’s sometimes called “the captains’ bar” and does cater to the district’s more well-off residents and visitors. The Sailor’s Rest offers nightly entertainment in the form of dancers (both males and females, but mostly females) and is frequented by prostitutes, some licensed from a nearby legal brothel called Esser’s and some unlicensed.

The owner of the Sailor’s Rest is a woman named Vala Ivansk, but she is almost never present—she lives in the Nobles’ Quarter. Rumors abound about how she became wealthy, but most of them say she financed some adventurers’ mission to find a wrecked and lost Imperial ship laden with tax revenues on an uncharted island; her share when they succeeded was many tens of thousands of gold.

The manager is Taran Mult, a canny but dull fellow interested mainly in keeping the peace.


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